From: John Rondy -Reuters
Published November 16, 2007 08:53 AM 

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Midwest U.S. states signed agreements on Thursday designed to cut greenhouse gases, promote energy conservation and fight global warming.

The third such pact between U.S. states means that nearly half of Americans will be living in areas covered by agreements designed to combat global warming, according to the Washington-based World Resources Institute.

The area involved in Thursday's agreement runs from Ohio west to Kansas. If the region were its own country, the World Resources group estimates, it would be the globe's fifth-biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions behind the United States as a whole, Russia, China and India.


The governors also agreed that wind power, water and other renewable sources should eventually provide up to 30 percent of the region's electricity.

The region could "become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy," said Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle.
Iowa Governor Chet Culver called the move "a great opportunity for our country to come together and put partisan politics aside, and become an international leader on this issue."