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7 August 2008
Posted to the web 7 August 2008

Golu Timothy

Africa yesterday woke up to the damning news of another unconstitutional change of government when the government of Prime Minister Yahia Ould Ahmed El-Ouakef was swept out of power via a coup de'etat led by senior military officers in Mauritania, the West African country that just struck oil in commercial quantity.

The putsch was led by the former head of the Mauritanian presidential guard, General Mohamed Ould Abdelazeez.

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The coup took place after the president and prime minister fired the country's top four military officers in an announcement early yesterday.

No official reason was given for firing the officials.


"We cannot afford turning back the hand of the clock anywhere in the sub-region", he said.

The President noted that no nation in the sub-region can achieve meaningful socio-economic development without peace and political stability.

He said Nigeria would continue to lead the efforts to maintain peace and political stability in West Africa in particular and the whole of Africa in general.