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The Monitor (Kampala)

25 November 2007
Posted to the web 25 November 2007 

Grace Matsiko & Agencies

COMMONWEALTH leaders said yesterday that climate change threatened the survival of small island members but failed to agree on any binding commitments to combat it.

A "Climate Action Plan", issued on the second day of the Commonwealth Summit in Kampala, contained only vague language on the way forward in the battle against global warming.

The organisation's secretary-general, Mr Don McKinnon, called the agreement "quite a leap forward" but it appeared to stop short of the major statement which many members, led by Britain, had wanted ahead of a world environment summit in Bali next month.

Host President Museveni was not happy with the statement's call for increased financial flows for adaptation.

"I am not for adaptation, to adapt like the beaver adapts to winter in Australia," President Museveni said at the news briefing with Mr McKninnon. "I think climate changes can be reversed."