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GIS Service Center – Service Plan

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GIS (geographic information systems) is a software package capable of managing and processing geographically-referenced data.
The GIS and Computing Services Center account provides accounting support for the following activities within Columbia University:

  • management of GIS software site licenses
  • provision of computing equipment to projects in support of GIS and related computing
  • technical and administrative assistance in support of GIS and related computing.

The Service Plan describes the services associated with an account, how the services are carried out, and how fees are established. After reviewing the Service Plan, return to the main page for the steps involved in participating.

Organizational Chart
Sub-license agreement


The GIS Service Center offers the following support services to the Columbia community:

Licensing/Distribution of GIS Software and Data.
The Fees section of the Service Plan describes the levels of service available. Interested parties should complete and email the Software Sub-License Agreement to CIESIN, indicating the rate of participation in the program. Once payment has been submitted, request software authorization.

Limited Technical Support Services for GIS
Technical support is provided via email, expert referrals, and follow-up with Esri on selected issues.

Organizational Chart

The GIS Service Center is operated by CIESIN on behalf of Columbia University users of GIS and related computing services.
Services are executed by four types of specialists:

  1. Administrator. Oversees the execution of services, and tracks the assets managed by the Service Center, with the support of a clerical staff person.
  2. GIS Specialist. Provides technical support on specific GIS technologies to contributing members of the Columbia community. Also interacts with GIS vendors on technical support issues.
  3. Computer Specialist. Provides basic systems administration support for the Service Center. Helps troubleshoot installation problems with GIS software and maintains computer equipment managed by the Service Center.
  4. Web Specialist. Provides support for design and implementation of Web-based services delivery of GIS data. If the Service Center were to host GIS-related Web sites, the Web specialist would provide support.

Organizational Chart


Service Level/Rate

The annual fee schedule corresponds with the Columbia University fiscal year. If you join after the fiscal year has begun, fees are pro-rated on a monthly basis. Licenses of Esri software and associated services may be purchased through CIESIN at the following rates, which are determined by service level:

Service Level







With ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Single Use Only, many licenses can be issued with each user having an individual license. With ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Concurrent Use and/or ArcGIS Enterprise (formerly ArcGIS Server), many licenses can be issued, with either one license able to serve multiple users simultaneously, like in a computer lab, or each user having an individual license.  

In addition to these services, each licensee gets access to limited technical support via an applications specialist, system administrator, and GIS specialists.


Sub-License Agreement

Email sub-license agreement to Gregory Yetman (






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This page last modified: Jul 08, 2022