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Millennium Villages Project Evaluation Plaform

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are internationally agreed on time-bound targets to reduce levels of extreme poverty, hunger, disease, gender inequality, environmental degradation, and lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Although substantial progress has been made in much of the world, gains in sub-Saharan Africa have been slow and it is unlikely that targets for this region will be achieved by the 2015 horizon.

The Millennium Villages Project (MVP) involves the coordinated delivery of a package of scientifically proven health and development interventions with the aim of accelerating progress towards the MDG targets in a diversity of sub-Saharan African settings. Interventions in agriculture and business development, education, health, and infrastructure are implemented simultaneously by project partners at a modest estimated annual cost of US$120 per capita sustained over 5--10 years.

There are four key components to the Millennium Village Project Monitoring and Evaluation platform: 1) assessment of the impact of the MVP interventions on accelerating progress towards MDG targets; 2) review of costs of the interventions and the contribution of project partners relative to the $120 per capita cost ceiling of the project; 3) performance monitoring of the adequacy, uptake and coverage of project interventions; and 4) process evaluation of the barriers and facilitators to implementation, providing lessons learned for replicability, scale-up and transfer to other contexts. Taking together these components will yield important insights into the progress that can be made in achieving the MDGs, through the MVP’s integrated rural development approach. The intensity and practical village-level scale of the project, combined with the diversity of rural contexts, provide a unique opportunity for better understanding the inputs, systems and partnerships required for rapid progress. Lessons learned from the project carry substantial potential to inform policy and program development in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

For additional details regarding the Millennium Village Project Monitoring and Evaluation Platform,please refer to the following materials:

Evaluation Protocol Summary
Full Protocol
Appendix 1: MVP Health Sector Interventions
Appendix 2: Village Matching Forms
Appendix 3: Survey tools: Demography, Household, Adult
Appendix 4: Under 5 Mortality Rate calculation - detailed methods
Enumerator Manual

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